What is ZERODELAY and what does it do?

ZERODELAY is a healthcare platform that connects the public to accessible and affordable healthcare and its allied services. The platform strives to:

  • make emergency services available at the touch of a button;
  • offer quality diagnostic booking services;
  • make healthcare practitioners and their services easily accessible to the public;
  • provide accurate and updated information on healthcare services provided by healthcare providers

Our vision is to serve public in healthcare sector by providing quality healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient

What are the services offered by ZERODELAY?


  • online consultations, Appointments - Walk-ins on time, House visits by Doctors for the entire family
  • Online Video Consultation – Virtual consults with quality doctors anytime, anywhere. 

What is ZERODELAY Pro?

ZERODELAY is access to premium healthcare professionals, instant consultations, scheduling, and round the clock priority services for Doctors and healthcare service providers

What is Zero Delay Connect?

ZERODELAY Connect is a large network comprising of emergency healthcare partners including ambulance drivers, lab technicians, pharmacy delivery partners, hospital support staff.

Why should you use ZERODELAY?

  • Instantly access emergency services such as ambulances
  • Connect with specialised and general healthcare professionals—Doctors, Dentist, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dietician
  • Book for Diagnostic tests, Dialysis centres, Fertility, Cosmo Derma Clinics
  • Verified medical procedures for the right medical treatment.
  • Order Medicines, Delivered at your Doorsteps in 40 mins

How does ZERODELAY authorise the practitioners that sign up with it?

ZERODELAY is known for upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics. It performs a thorough and rigorous background check on all healthcare professionals that sign up to provide healthcare services.

This is achieved by a 3-step process:

  • Physical authorisation—All healthcare professionals are met by our team of experts and verified in person.
  • Validation of certifications and practice data—All certifications are verified for authenticity and validity.
  • Legal and compliance checks—All data at ZERODELAY is protected by the highest levels of stringent policies, and we ensure that all healthcare professionals meet with these compliance checks as well.

What is ZERODELAY’s commitment to data security and privacy policy?

Data is stored with multiple layers of security using 256-bit encryption on several HIPAA-compliant private and remote cloud servers, in order to prevent any loss or misappropriation of data. Our stringent access controls ensure that physical access to servers and data are highly regulated and limited, and ensure that we do not have any kind of access to read or manipulate your data.

Does ZERODELAY fulfil the data and privacy policies of India?

Yes. All our policies are drafted in compliance with Indian laws, rules, and regulations.

Has ZERODELAY faced any security breach?

Our 3-factor authorisation and safety mechanisms prevent misuse and unwarranted access to your data. With multi-layer encryption systems and protocols, we are always looking to make ZERODELAY more safe and secure every day.

What are the terms & conditions, and privacy policies of ZERODELAY?

You can read our terms and conditions here, and our privacy policy here.

Are the terms & conditions and policies subject to change?

We are looking to make ZERODELAY safer and more accessible every day, owing to which, our policies may be subject to change.

If I discover any security issues relating to my data, what should I do?

In the extraordinary event that you find any risk or vulnerability in our data security, please notify us immediately. Write to so that we can appropriately handle the issue in accordance with our Data Safety and Compliance Protocols.

What are the Services offered by ZERODELAY for Clinics, Hospitals and Doctors?

  • ZERODELAY – A technology product for clinics and hospitals which lets them deliver an exceptional visit experience to patients.
  • Reach – Ad slot for clinics and hospitals for getting better visibility on ZERODELAY
  • For Doctors: ZERODELAY Profile – Build your digital presence and create a free ZERODELAY profile, more patients can discover you and find more information about you
  • Consult – Consult patients online, or offer follow-ups to your clinic patients
  • Health Feed – Publish health tips to educate and inspire millions of people to lead a healthier lifestyle

How ZERODELAY Payment model works?

  • We have a simple, Secured payment Process
  • Works on simple pay per use model.
  • Consultation fee – We charge a consultation fee to consumers which is passed on to the respective doctors after deducting a standard platform development fee
  • Medicine delivery charges – We have authorised partners who deliver medicines to consumers, this works on standard revenue sharing model
  • Diagnostic tests – We have authorised partners who collect test samples. This works on standard revenue sharing model

Does ZERODELAY have a verification process for doctors who sign up on the platform? 

Yes. All the doctors on ZERODELAY platform are 100% genuine and their degrees have been verified with Medical Council of India.

FAQs for ZERODELAY Consultations – Patients

1.What Type of Consultations ZERODELAY offer to Patients?

ZERODELAY have the facilities to Book

  • Walk-in Appointments with Doctors, Dentist, Physiotherapist, Dietician
  • Book Appointments for House visits with Doctors, Physiotherapist, Dietician, Nurse
  • Book for Instant Video Consultation with verified Doctors Available online connected within seconds
  • Book for various services - Diabetic canters, Dialysis centers, Cosmo Derma clinics, Diagnostic Services
  • Hospital Bookings for Admissions, Master Health check-up, Review visit, For speciality consultations

How Does Walk-in Appointments with Doctors work?

  • Patients can choose Date and time slot and can search the Doctors according to speciality, by the specified location, Or near by Doctors Available
  • According to the inputs Given by the patients, one can choose the Doctor from the Doctors list
  • Can Proceed to Book an Appointment by paying online or can be paid by cash during consultations.

How does the HOUSE VISIT Appointment Works?

  • Patients can Book for House Visit Appointments with Doctors, Physiotherapist, Dietician, Nurse
  • Patients are connected to the nearby Doctors, Physiotherapist, Dietician, Nurse
  • Once patient pay for the consultations online, according to the booked Date, timeslot - Doctors or Nurses, Physiotherapist, Dietician can visit the patients place to begin the consultation with the OTP shared by the patient.

How does the Video Consultation Work?

  • Video consultation are based on the speciality choose by the patients
  • Patients can connect to available Online Doctors for video consultations
  • After paying for the consultations the doctors get connected on video call with the patient
  • Doctor can upload the prescription, Patient can upload the Diagnostic reports

How do you get the prescriptions and reports after consulting with the Doctor?

Once the consultation is completed Doctor can UPLOAD the prescription to our end to end encrypted ZERODELAY VAULT. Only the Patients can get access to Prescriptions and reports from the ZERODLAY VAULT by logging into the ZERODELAY APP with their credentials from any Device.

How does the Diabetic Appointment Bookings Works?

ZERODELAY is partnered with Diabetic Centres. Patients can Book Appointments based on the particular Diabetic centre name or by entering the location, or can search for nearby Diabetic centre’s

How does the Dialysis Appointment Bookings Works?

ZERODELAY is partnered with Dialysis Centres. Patients can Book Appointments based on the particular Dialysis centre name or by entering the location, or can search for nearby Diabetic centre’s

How does the Fertility Appointment Bookings Works?

ZERODELAY is partnered with fertility Centres. Patients can Book Appointments based on the particular Diabetic centre name or by entering the location, or can search for nearby Diabetic centre’s

How does the Cosmo Derma Clinic Appointment Bookings Works?

ZERODELAY is partnered with Cosmo Derma Clinic Centres. Patients can Book Appointments based on the particular Cosmo Derma Clinic name or by entering the location, or can search for nearby Cosmo Derma Clinic and can book for specific services mentioned by the service provider

How does the Lab/Scan Appointment Booking Works?

ZERODELAY is partnered with Diagnostic centres. Patients can Book Appointments based on the nearby Diagnostic centres or can search with the specific Diagnostic centre

Patient can get LAB tests done at the comfort of your home with ZERODELAY APP

What is the purpose of Booking Hospital Appointments?

One can choose Preferred Hospital or can search and choose nearby hospital to Book Hospital Appointments for various Purpose like 1. For Hospital Admission 2. For Master Health Check-up 3. For review Visit 4. For Doctor Speciality Consultations

Can Patient edit their profile or is it possible to Book Appointments For Family Members or Others?

ZERODELAY has the facility Book for themselves/ for others or can add family members and choose the family members from the list while booking is on process.

Where can you access the Appointment Booking Details?

You can Access Appointment Booking Details – on menu Tap on My Booking Option

How does the ZERODELAY VAULT functions?

  • ZERODELAY VAULT – safe and secured cloud based server with end to end encryption to upload reports instantly by the service provider
  • Prescriptions uploaded by Doctors can be accessed by patients from ZERODELAY VAULT
  • Diagnostic Centre uploaded by Diagnostic centres can be accessed by patients from ZERODELAY VAULT
  • You can download and share the reports uploaded by Diagnostic centers or prescriptions from Patients Phones Gallery
  • ZERODELAY VAULT can be accessed from any device by your ZERODELAY Login Credentials

What is the use of Pending Payments?

Pending Payments – When the Patients facing an issues/delay while doing a payment for particular booking, Booking will be available for 10 mints to complete the Booking Process

Is it Possible to change the Password?

  • Yes, You can change Your password from the menu – Change password Option
  • If you forgot the Password click on Forgot password option while logging to ZERODELAY APP
  • Link will be sent through SMS to you to your registered Mobile Number, by clicking on the link you can change the password.

Does ZERODELAY provide support to their patients and services providers?

  • ZERODELAY Provides Call support and Email Support to patient and service providers
  • You can make call to ZERODELAY Call support : 8088498849
  • ZERODELAY Email Support :

Does ZERODELAY APP supports Android and iOS devices?

ZERODELAY APP is available in both Android and iOS Platforms