Book and Connect

Whether you want to consult with a doctor regarding a medical concern, or you require a paramedic or nurse to support you in your everyday life, discover and connect with some of the best healthcare providers. You may be able to book for yourself, for someone else, or through our AI-powered symptom monitor where you could input the symptoms you face, and it would suggest the ideal branch of medicine from where you can connect with the doctor of your choice. You can also schedule and book tests and other diagnostic and imaging services at laboratories and medical centres convenient to you, and seamlessly track your test progress over time.

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Zero delay emergency services

Today’s world runs at lightning speed and stops for nobody. We always find that not everyone receives immediate health assistance, especially when they need it the most. With ZERODELAY, you can now access emergency services at the click of a button. if you or someone dear suffers from a life-threatening emergency, hit the red SOS button on the app, and an ambulance will be on its way to you in record time.


Hospitals that you choose

Worried about your medical procedure or the bills that follow? With our wide network and up-to-date database, find the best hospital, the right procedure for your condition, the best medical practitioner, and the right rates for your treatment. Protect your privacy and manage the details you share. Check, compare, and choose the best option that works for you.



At ZERODELAY, we are a specialized team of doctors who wanted to fill in the gap and contribute to our society and the healthcare system in India in a form that is fast, reliable, and accessible. We believed in the process, and placed enormous faith in our efforts to provide you with quality healthcare that brings about healing, happiness, and the comfort of being looked after.

Embrace a life of zero delay.